Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let your bones show.

I have set up camp in a little cubicle in the library because if I go home, I will fall asleep instead of writing this paper for my Medieval and Renaissance Drama class. Obviously, I am still not writing my paper, but at least I'm not asleep.

The library is one of the few things I love about college. I don't like the reasons that I have to go to the library (all of them being to write papers), but I like going, especially late at night. Really, I love the campus at night.

I realized this as I walked to the library from my car tonight. It's little things–how quiet and still the campus is, long shadows cast by the light of a lamppost, smoke from a cigarette swirling in the breeze. Then entering the main room of the library to see students begrudgingly working on group projects, frazzled people flipping through huge textbooks, and friends chatting between problems. As the night progresses, many pack up and leave, but those remaining move from the uncomfortable wooden chairs to the floor so they can sprawl out and maybe doze off for a second.

It just feels so very college to me–the good kind of college.

It's a nice reminder that this is a shared experience. Everyone else is in the same boat as I am.



Bookish.Spazz said...


This makes me excited for college.


Natalie said...


Libraries are just so nice. The library at Vassar is amazing, so I'm excited for all of the late nights that I'm sure I'll be spending there. People watching is very much enjoyable, especially at night.

Lizzie said...

Why am I not in college yet?

Ash said...

I've always loved libraries. And book stores as well.

I've always thought to myself that if I ever got locked in a store for forever (I'm a dreamer at heart, obviously) it would be in a gigantic library or book store. All that knowledge, information, stories - anything really - just waiting there for me to turn the pages.


Dillon said...

COLLEGE. I know those feelings, and I love recieving them.
Also, I love the library in my Architecture building. It's fantastic for studying.

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