Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17: Things to Remember

I took this on my first night in New York. In fact, this may have been the first picture I took–if anything, it is the first one I saved.

After Keren picked me up from the airport and we dropped my extremely heavy bags off at her apartment, we made our way to Red Egg, a restaurant in Chinatown. We ordered dim sum and talked to Kim, Keren's best friend who bartends there. Then Keren took me to Grand Central Station, which is beautiful and full of bustling people, and we split a slice of cheesecake. We walked through Bryant Park and Times Square, where we gaped at a giant billboard of Darren Criss's face for at least five minutes. As we walked, I remember thinking that for New York being so large, everything seemed to be very close together.

That night, my first night in New York, I was filled with awe. Everything was new and unknown, and I was so excited to experience everything. It's weird to think back to how I felt on that first night–like New York was this foreign land to be explored. By the time I boarded the plane back to Texas, I felt like I had been there for years.

It felt the same way it does when I leave Austin. It felt like I was leaving home.



Natalie said...

That's funny. I just finished writing my post mentioning New York, and saw that you updated your blog about it. Now I can't help but think how we were both writing about the same city at roughly the same time, though admittedly your writing is much more eloquent. New York just has something about it that draws people in, I guess. I don't know how somewhere so huge and diverse can feel so unified at the same time. It's weird. Makes sense, though, why so many people want to live there.

▲my• said...

Someday I will go to New York, and Austin, and all of these beautiful places I want to see, and be a part of.

Bookish.Spazz said...

I love Austin, but I've never been to New York yet...

You make me want to go!

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