Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23: Tough

This semester has been really hard on me. This was my first semester of upper-level classes, and I had not anticipated how difficult they would be. There have been many times that I think I have done well on a test or paper when I haven't, and it's very discouraging and very scary. This is also the first time I have ever truly disliked school, and that is a frustration all its own.

I know just by reading posts from my Blogger Family that they have it much tougher than I do (or ever did), and they are still getting by and doing well. I know that I can do it too, but since I never really had to try in high school or at Cisco, I am having to teach myself how to study and realizing that good papers cannot be written in the wee hours of the morning the day they are due.

It's hard to break the long-established habits I have formed, especially that of procrastination, but I have reached the point that I realize it is imperative for me to do so. Since I have found that I am capable of graduating next May–in only a year–I have become very conscious of my grades and work ethic. I guess that I have had this subconscious thought that there would be more time to remedy a bad grade or bring up my GPA, but now there isn't. If I want to graduate next May so I can be in Austin next summer, I will have to work harder and stick to the plan I've laid out.

I have laid out day-by-day to-do lists in my planner for the next three weeks of school, and I will have to work everyday in multiple subjects in order to accomplish everything I need. I've also written due dates and test dates on my dry erase board so that I will always be aware of what's coming next and how much I have left to do.

Hopefully this and my two countdowns at the bottom will help me to keep everything together and not get too overwhelmed. I'm just trying to focus on what's to come at the end of this grueling three weeks. I can do this.

Good luck with the end of the school year, everyone! Not much longer now.



shelbyisms said...

i am seriously so on level with you that it's not even funny. i've got three finals (just completed one :]) this week and another three next week, and the day after my last one, summer school starts. it's hectic, but it's worth it. WE WILL GET THERE. WE WILL RULE.

Lizzie said...

I understand the whole procrastination thing well. I am, of course, procrastinating right now.

Seeing your white board reminds me of the ones at see at school. I have 19 days left of senior year and I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't slightly terrified. But I'm also ridiculously happy and eager to do well on all my exams. Studying for said and finishing other assignments? Not so fun.


Bookish.Spazz said...

First, I like your handwriting! It's very font-like :)

Second, I too need to work on my study skills. To be honest, they're pretty much nonexistent.

WE CAN DO THIS! Summer here we come!!

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