Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So Close

Yes, yes, I know. I only had two days of BEDA left, and I fell off the face of the planet. Let me explain. As I had discussed multiple times in my BEDA posts, I have been insanely busy with school and work and worrying about school and drinking coffee to get through school and crying in the corner about school. My last two posts were set to be dinky little paragraphs apologizing for not having anything good to say or any time to say it in, so I saw little purpose in posting them at all. I know BEDA is a quantity over quality sort of thing, but my OCD kicked in and I just couldn't do that to my blog. So you only got twenty-eight days. Close enough.

School is still trying to squeeze the little life I have left out of me, but there is a light at the end the tunnel. I have turned in my last papers, and now I only have to study for finals and that's the easy part. By no means have I done well this semester, and that is disheartening, but next semester will be better. There is no point in fretting over things that have already happened and are now beyond my control, so I won't do it. As Melany said during one of the many breakdowns I've had these past few weeks, "Whatever happens may suck, but it isn't the end of the world. That isn't until December."

For now, I will study as hard as I can for my four finals and look forward to my few weeks off, which includes a short trip home and Apocalyptour with my best friend. Then a month of summer classes, including yoga with Jacob, which will be a trip, I'm sure. After that, I'll fly to Seattle at the end of July to meet the Blogger Family, and then soon enough I'll be starting what will hopefully be my last year at Texas Tech.

Here's hoping this next year will fly by.



Natalie said...

28/30 ain't bad.

That is very true. There's no need to worry about these things once they've already happened. Hence why I am trying not to freak out about this morning's AP Calc exam. Study study study! Summer cannot come soon enough.

shelbyisms said...

let's just be pals.

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