Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things to Remember

Being the bloggers we are, while in Seattle we took hundreds of pictures. Each of us had some kind of picture-taking device, and most of us had more than one–iPhones, digital cameras, Polaroids, iPods, disposable cameras, etc. I'm sure we were quite entertaining to watch, using three different cameras to take a one picture of a hamburger. Anyway, a few days ago (wait–was it only yesterday? I need to sleep more), the lovely Nicola uploaded the pictures she took with her disposable camera. Aside from turning out a million times better than my disposable camera pictures (everyone's were better than mine. I lack this talent, apparently), they promptly sent me into a fit of nostalgia.

The picture above was taken on our last full day together. We decided to ignore this fact for as long as we could.

We started the day with brunch and ended it with a cookout at Dillon's pool. In between, we spent time wandering through little boutiques and dessert shops, bonding with dogs on the street, and taking naps in parks.

Basically everywhere in Seattle, you could get fresh, gorgeous bouquets, and they were cheap–we're talking five bucks a pop here. We all wished there was a way to take the flowers home with us, or that we at least had some reason to buy them. Dillon was looking for a bouquet for his mother (Oh, Dillon), and someone said something like, "What would your mom do if we all bought her flowers?"

"She would probably cry," Dillon said.

And so we all bought her flowers.



Bookish.Spazz said...

Ahhh that was such a sweet story!

Natalie said...

Oh, Dillon.

The nostalgia. It just kills me.

▲my• said...

So amazing.

mayte. said...

that was such a good day.
and so was that whole week.<3

Dillon said...

AND SHE DID CRY, What did I tell you.

Miss you all so much

Krystal said...

i just ran in to your blog - was this a blogger meet up?? it was the sweetest thing i've read!

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