Monday, October 22, 2012

Series of Unfortunate Events, or My Life

Last week I found out that the class I am taking this semester to fulfill my Visual & Perfoming Arts credit does not actually count towards that credit. It is a Humanities, which I don't need. The class is labelled VPA 3301: Critical Issues in Arts and Culture, so I thought I was safe taking it because why, oh why, would you label a class Visual and Performing Arts if it was not, in fact, a Visual and Performing Arts class?

In short, what this means is I will have to take nineteen hours again next semester so I can fit in a one-hour VPA class. It doesn't seem like it will be that big of a deal, and it shouldn't be. Except for the fact that all of the one-hour VPA classes available are things like Jazz Ensemble and Choir–you know, things that actually require some kind of talent and/or an instrument. Neither of which I have.

I'm trying not to focus on this so much though. You gotta stay positive, so I'm focusing on the fact that I've been wearing the same nail polish for four days and it hasn't chipped yet. Way to go, O.P.I.

The more stressed I get (which roughly translates to "the longer I've been in school"), the more I look for things to distract me from this stress. Last semester, I took up stress eating, which was delicious at the time but had unsavory results. This semester I'm trying out stress shopping, and that's been going well. It's the reason I now have a new dress, Ed Sheeran's CD, two tops from American Eagle, and a pair of markdown Jessica Simpson wedges.

Obviously, I can't keep this up either. I have an apartment to save for and various loans to pay off. I will just have to deal with stress by actually getting rid of the stressful things (i.e. getting my homework done early). I guess I should get started now.


P.S. This is how you have a dinner party.


Lizzie said...

Wow, that's not cool at all. I'm hoping I never have to encounter something like this, but I know you can handle it. Sorry it causes a lot of stress in the meantime. *hug*

I haven't spent a lot of money since being at college, but Fall Break is this week and I'm already looking to go to Target and an art supplies store. Maybe even the Mall of America if I'm feeling up for it. I also need to write letters to everyone. Yes, definitely that. :)

Love you. About to look up flights for Austin meet-up this summer, if they even have the flights available yet.

Natalie said...

WHY THOUGH? If it's labelled VPA... that makes no sense. You and I have discussed how we feel inadequate compared to all these musically talented folks, so I feel your pain on that front. I'm really sorry this happened. You're awesome. You can do it. (...I say as I procrastinate studying to write these very words.) MOTIVATION.

Dillon said...

College classes can be so confusing. Who needs that silly credit anways?

Retail therapy > stress eating (which is what I've been doing lately). Just keep on working hard, like I know you do and everything will work out!

Also, you should host a dinner party like that. One that I can attend, of course.

Kayleigh said...

I remember those days... I'm still so thankful school is over for me, even though it wasn't so long ago that the pain of having to retake credits you thought you covered is still around.
I hope your stress goes down and you find some ways to let it out! 19 credit hours is a lot, make sure you're taking care of yourself!

▲my• said...

How stupid! They should more clearly label their classes...

I have this constant balance between stress eating/retail therapy. I need to find some other, less expensive outlet.

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