Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Few Things: Finals Week Edition

This installment of A Few Things is dedicated to all of the college kids.

To the students that are struggling through these last few weeks of the semester; to those who just don't care anymore, but still have four papers and three finals to go; to everyone who is spending nights in the library, running on shots of espresso and whatever is in the vending machine. This is for you (and for me): A few things to make you happy.

01. Watch this.

02. Go to Gizoogle. Just do it. Even if you're already done it–do it again because I promise it never stops being funny, especially if you read it out loud.

03. Take a break and dance to these. You know you want to.


05. "When it comes to hiccups, and also when it comes to everything else, I like to remind myself that every other time I thought something wasn't going to end, it ended."
-John Green



Natalie said...


That is stuck in my head now. My roommate thanks you for me now singing it the rest of the day.

But actually. Anxiety levels are rising. Definitely not looking forward to finals. BUT YOU CAN DO IT! JUST A COUPLE MORE WEEKS UNTIL WINTER BREAK.

Bookish.Spazz said...

That John Green quote is the best.

Also, good luck with your finals!

shelbyisms said...

I love when you blog, and I love that comic. Sam found it the other night and we both just kind of looked and it and felt warm inside. It's comforting and totally what everything is about.


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