Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mystical Road Trip of Magic and Wonder: Part II

The summer after we graduated from high school, my three best friends and I took a trip to my aunt and uncle's home in East Texas (a.k.a. Tackett's Dream). That was our first trip going anywhere by ourselves, so naturally what was supposed to be a four hour drive somehow turned into a nine hour drive. We must have hit a wormhole somewhere. Anyway, eventually we got there and had the absolute best time riding four-wheelers, tubing, fishing, and being gross (and making a truly terrible video with Melany's cheap camera that can be viewed here).

As part of our No Shitty Birthdays vow, we wanted to take a Spring Break trip to celebrate Husmann's birthday (which is on Tuesday), so we called up Aunt Kim. Kim and Lee are two of the coolest people, and seemed genuinely happy to have us there even though we're extremely obnoxious when we're together (and it was worse this weekend because the four of us hadn't been together since September).

We had a fantastic time–riding the Mule, skeet shooting, chopping down trees, watching movies, and eating a lot of food. It was so nice to be together again and away from the stress of school and work. We're extremely thankful that they let us use their home as an escape, and can't wait to go back.

Video coming soon. (Also, the Seattle video is actually close to being finished, so look forward to that as well.)


P.S. If you're interested, all of our Instagram pictures are tagged #MRMWII.


Kaylie said...

YAY I LOVE THIS. You and your friends are da coolest.


Natalie said...

You and your three best friends reminds me of me and my three best friends and it makes me so happy. I'm so glad that you guys got to be together for the first time since September and have such a great little adventure. I enjoyed all of the instagram photos but these are, as always, great. I will be excited for the video(s)!

his little lady said...

All of these pictures are too adorable! You all are perfect, and this location is stunning!
xo TJ

Nicola said...

this trip looked great. pure love for it. also, you look awesome in that photo!!! haha.
the video...oh Maggie. its brilliant, go you. <3 makes me so excited for Austin.
also..again..super-mega can't wait to come stay with you.

maggeygrace said...

But actually, I have never ever had any inclination to shoot a gun until I saw the pictures of you guys doing just that. And maybe it's possible you make guns look cool/fun? Not sure. Whatever it is YOU ARE ADORABLE and this just looks so fun. I'm happy that you got to spend time together!

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