Monday, September 2, 2013

Hard to be soft, tough to be tender

Last week saw the start of school, and as first weeks of school do, it felt as though it stretched over several months. Today is a holiday though, which is nice, and I'm off work today, which is also nice. I plan to spend today cleaning, ordering textbooks, and reading The Sound and the Fury for one of my classes. (Also, will probably end up watching half a season of Psych and starting the sixth Harry Potter book at some point.)

My classes this semester seem promising. Two classes I'm retaking with different professors who have already made the classes more interesting and easier to understand than the previous ones. A good teacher really makes all the difference. (This is not to say that it was entirely the professors fault for my failing the first time around, but they surely hindered more than helped.) I'm also taking a History of Sexuality class for which I am incredibly excited, and a nonfiction creative writing class.

I'm cautiously optimistic about this semester. I'm interested in all of my classes and like all of my professors, and am excited for what I'll learn. I love to learn, really. It's just the grading and the stress that comes with the grading that brings me down so low. Hopefully, this semester will be better. I think that it will be.

I hope everyone else has had a good start of school, and that the semester will not be too detrimental to our mental and physical wellbeing. Cheers.


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Natalie said...

I read The Sound and the Fury last semester! It was definitely at least mildly confusing at first, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The History of Sexuality class sounds like it would be pretty great. I'm glad that you're feeling good about the impending semester! I hope that learning while remaining more or less sane will occur.

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