Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I've lived in Austin for over a month now. There are still empty boxes stacked on our balcony and Melany still hasn't unpacked her room, but our Christmas tree has been up since the third week of November. That's all that really matters anyway.

I started my new job as a teller at a credit union right after I got to Austin, and when I say "right after," I mean I moved on a Friday and started training Monday. So yeah, there wasn't a lot of time for settling in, but it's turned out all right so far. At times I get very frustrated with the learning curve, but this would be the case at any new job. Luckily, my coworkers have been nothing but helpful and patient. Also, we have trivia every Friday morning, and I totally kicked ass last time. (That's what they get for having Harry Potter trivia.)

Lately, I have become very aware of how I spend my time. This probably has something to do with having a full-time job for the first time, which means a set schedule and less free time. In the short time that Melany and I have lived together, we have already managed to fall into a weekday routine. After work, we make dinner, sit in our pink chairs, and watch a few episodes of whatever show we're watching (right now, it's Psych). Sometimes we play cards or work on our computers, but that's usually about it.

There's not anything particularly wrong with this. In fact, I really enjoy it and could happily continue with this routine. It's such a nice way to wind down after work. But the thing is I don't want to wait for Fridays. I don't want to be someone who is living for the weekend, you know? It's so easy to get stuck, and I don't want to get too comfortable. I don't want to become content.

So I'm doing my best to live deliberately and all that. There are so many things I want to do and so many things before me. I'm living in a wonderful city with my wonderful friends, and I hope I never get used to that.



Natalie said...

I like that you specifically have pink chairs to sit in. It's very adorable. I'm also glad to hear that your new job is going well, and that you're killing it at HP trivia (obviously). I enjoy the comfort and familiarity of routines, but you're right, it's definitely necessary to make sure not to get TOO comfortable and still make an effort to have many spontaneous adventures in this fantastic new place!

Lizzie said...

"I'm living in a wonderful city with my wonderful friends, and I hope I never get used to that."

That's how I feel about St. Paul and I can't wait to be back.

Can't wait to see your package and once I'm stateside again I will try to send you something in return!

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