Thursday, April 9, 2015

23 Before 24

  1. Save more, spend less
  2. Fix bike and ride
  3. Take more pictures
  4. Finish Blog Life
  5. Read at least thirty books I haven't read before
  6. Fill up my yellow Moleskine
  7. Meet new people
  8. Learn how to really use my camera
  9. Learn how to really use Photoshop
  10. Go for more walks
  11. Learn to make the perfect mojito
  12. Meet up with the Blogger Family in Portland
  13. Take a trip somewhere (besides Portland)
  14. Write more stories
  15. Volunteer at the Texas Teen Book Festival
  16. Try one new recipe a month
  17. Get my third (and maybe fourth) tattoo
  18. Find the best coffee shop in Austin
  19. Apply to graduate school
  20. Go to SXSW
  21. Send more letters and packages
  22. Find the perfect couch
  23. Go paddle boarding


nicole s. said...

I literally just started working on my 26 before 26 list today (my birthday is in late-May). It's funny that it didn't occur to me that as I get older, I'll have to come up with more and more things...and that more and more things will be done already because of prior lists. Woof, this one is a toughy!

I had making the perfect mojito on my 24 before 24 list! It was one of the things I didn't accomplish, which is dumb, because how hard could it be? We should probably work on that one together. Or at least finding the best coffee shop in Austin!

xo Nicole

Anonymous said...

Welp. You can cross #12 off your list now!

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