Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Tumblr, is my friend on Facebook, or has ever been around me when I've talked about or watched Glee who continues to be my friend: God bless you. Especially you people who do not like Glee and yet still love me despite my being in love with a television show. You know who you are.*

So, yes, Glee is back and the first episode was wonderful. I am not ashamed to say that any time Kurt and Blaine came on the screen I lost all dignity. There was squealing, general flailing, and at one point I was literally running laps around the coffee table. My grandparents were in the room for half of the episode and I am sure they are now regretting letting the crazy grandchild live with them. I did warn them several times that it was probably for the best that I watch Glee alone, but they did not heed my warnings.

I watched the first two episodes of How I Met Your Mother during my break today, and as jazzed as I get about GleeHow I Met Your Mother still holds the top spot on my list of favorite television shows. It's just good. Why don't you watch it? You really should.

Fall is the best season for many reasons, and one of those is definitely the television. If you have the same love of sitcoms and crime dramas as I do, then you will agree.

This past weekend, my grandparents and I went to visit my family in Albany. It was a nice visit in which I played volleyball with my siblings, sat on the front porch during a storm, visited KaCee and Jacob, and cuddled with Schnookums. Schnookums is the best dog in the world, okay?

This weekend is Albany's Homecoming, but I will not be able to go because of work. I am sad I won't be able to see everyone, but next weekend will make up for it. I am driving to Austin to stay with Melany for the weekend, and we are going to Quiet Company's release party/concert and the Austin Teen Book Festival where I will hopefully get to meet Maureen Johnson and Jackson Pearce! I was originally just going for the festival, but then I found out about the release party and Melany and I bought our tickets. I'm very excited for this because 1) I love Austin, 2) A FESTIVAL OF BOOKS, 3) Quiet Company is awesome, and 4) Melany is my best friend and it has been too long since we've seen each other, especially considering how codependent** we are. It will be a seven-hour drive, but it will be WORTH IT.

Anyway, school is okay. Spanish is still too early and math is still math, but what can you do? When I get down about having to get up at six every morning or with the fact that math homework takes me so long to do, I focus on two things: 1) Natalie and Lizzie have it much worse, and 2) At the end of this semester I will get to go to New York.

I still can't believe I'm going to New York, and do not think that I will really believe it until I'm actually there. It's so exciting though. I'll be buying my plane ticket soon, and then just working on saving up as much spending money as I can until it's time to go. January 7th, come swiftly.


* You are Shelby. And KaCee, though KaCee still hates me sometimes.
** We have honestly talked to or texted each other every day since we left Albany. It's actually incredibly sad.


mayte michelle. said...

my mom kept laughing at me while I was watching Glee because every time I saw Blaine I started squeeling and telling her that he was her future son-in-law. That boy just does something to me, I swear.

Ash said...

Sorry Magz, But I ain't feeling you in the Glee regard. At all. But don't worry, I don't think any less of you.


I've always wanted to watch a storm whilst sitting mere meters from the rain without getting wet. Being inside and watching through a window doesn't count, obviously. There's just something about watching a thunderstorm... I dunno what it is, but it's just relaxing.

Natalie said...

EEEEEEEE! GLEE WAS JUST SO SQUEE WORTHY. Fall is most definitely the best time for TV shows. But it sucks cause I have very little time to watch it, but I still do anyway, which means I get less work done... merrgh. After I finish Doctor Who, I promise I will watch HIMYM cause I've heard how amazing it is and I hate myself for not watching it before.

I'm sure going Austin will be a grand time. :) Festivals of books and bestest friends certainly seem like they would


shelbyisms said...

I still love you, yes. Also, Sam and I were scrolling through tumblr together and as soon as we hit all of the Glee stuff, we just looked at each other and were like "MAGGIE." We love you.

We also love How I Met Your Mother. We've worked through seasons 4 and 5 the last few days. Sam's roommate, Austin, is Ted, Sam is Marshall, and I'm Lily (but not actually... I think Lily's an idiot most of the time, even if we dearly love her!)

ANYWAY. What I'm getting at is that you should come watch HIMYM with us and stuff.

Love you!

Also, you're incredibly cool.

Nicola said...

Yay for glee!! I cannot wait for Thursday, and then I can watch it too!!
I love HIMYM so much too, it makes me smile, like you do.
Yay for New York.
Keep being super awesome.

Lizzie said...

Funny story, I deliberately did not go on the computer (well, tumblr) so I could watch Glee later in the evening without seeing thousands of gifs, haha. That said, I enjoyed the episode. There are always flaws in Glee's writing, but I ignore it for Blaine's impeccable style and just generally all the characters. :)


(And I must send you your McAvoy collage!!)

Bookish.Spazz said...

GAH. I am a recent Glee convert. I LOVE it too much. I can't wait for to see all of the Glee Project winners on there! I know they had one of them on in the last episode, but I want to see ALL of them...

D said...

GLEE. yes.
And whenever the first time i read you were in Albany i was like, WE'RE SO CLOSE!And then I realized it was not Albany, NY.
Also, getting up early sucks. I am sorry for you.

Kendall said...

Glee is the only show I watch regularly, haha. :)

And, Austin is the best (okay -- I'm biased. I've lived here my whole life. But still). I've been thinking about going to the book festival, maybe. I'll see.

lina said...

yay for glee!!! although, i am in the middle of the newest episode, so i had to skip your little paragraph just in case it gave anything away : )
the festival of books sounds incredible!
new york?? awesome!!
ok almost everything here ended with an exclamation point...haha i think i'll stop now : )

I V Y said...

i'm jealous that you're going to new york!

xo zebra and meerkat

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

I'm afraid i'm not a bit glee person BUT new york is brilliant. x hivenn

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