Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And it ain't hard to believe in love in the city of lights.

Sitting in Starbucks. Sipping a white chocolate mocha. Listening to Bon Iver Pandora. Frantically working through my math homework. Wishing I had a sweater.

Tomorrow is my first math test, which I am hoping upon hope that I do not fail. You should hope the same.

After my usual eight to five school day, I have to drive straight to work where I will be until ten-thirty. So that's fun. Upon arriving home, I will I have to study for my second Spanish composition that will take place Friday morning.

But then, after all that crap, I will leave for Austin.

Yes, please.



Melany said...


Kaylie said...

You make studying seem so glamourous! This week is crazy for me too. Gah. Good luck on your Spanish test!

Nicola said...

good luck with your tests! you will be fab! :D

mayte michelle. said...

I hope you have fun in Austin! you deserve it.

Natalie said...


▲my• said...

Starbucks is my second home.

Yay Austin! HAVE FUN :D

shelbyisms said...


Bookish.Spazz said...

I LOVE Austin.

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