Friday, September 2, 2011

I see you, you're walking 'cross the campus.

New Blogger design: Do not know if want. It feels like I'm in a foreign land. A really shiny, white foreign land. Like a doctor's office in a foreign land.

Moving on.

I started school last Thursday. I suppose it is bizarre to think that I am actually going to Tech now, but it doesn't really feel any different except for the fact there are thirty thousand more people to get in my way as I bike to class. (Speaking of which, I love actually being able to use my bike. It's cute, and it makes going from one end of the campus to the other suck a little less.)

Although there are some drawbacks (like having Spanish every morning at eight o'clock, having math at all, etc.), I really like my classes. My favorite is my English class, which is essentially a class about books. It's small and intimate, and most everyone in there is an English major as well. In my first response paper, I got to talk about my relationship with books and how I use them. My next assignment includes making a quill, and reading by candlelight for twenty minutes and writing about the experience. Also, one of the required texts for the class is The Smithsonian Book of Books, which, in short, is the coolest textbook I've ever had.

My Spanish class isn't as bad as what I was anticipating even though it is at eight Monday through Friday.  Every time I am in Journalism, I think for just a second that I am in Austin because it reminds me of taking classes at ILPC, but, sadly, I never am. Regardless of how much it makes me miss Austin, I enjoy it and find my professor to be extremely arrogant and sarcastic–the mark of a true journalist. I love it.

My math class will be the bane of my semester as it is extraordinarily easy for me to completely block out anything to do with numbers and formulas. I don't even realize I am doing it most of the time, which is unfortunate. Thankfully, Husmann is also taking this class and can help me if I need it.

The last class is Child Psychology, which I am taking to fulfill one of my general degree requirements. I was surprised to find that about half the class has no desire to work with children, or even really like children for that matter. I think that I will get along well with these people.

In other news, apparently I am still employed at Aeropostale, but am only working on the weekends. It's nice that I still have a little bit of income while I look for another job, but it is getting very tiring waking up early every day of the week.

I've been going to church with Julia on Sundays and Wednesdays, which I've enjoyed immensely. It's nice to have that back.

Also, living with your grandparents is something I highly encourage you to do. We watch whatever old movies D-Dad has recorded in the living room a few times a week, and play cards at least once a day. Every Monday is Burger Night since they're are two for one at Dairy Queen, and you know how much I love burgers. It also makes it perfectly acceptable to put your pajamas on at seven o'clock as I did on Tuesday.

Living with your grandparents is good for the soul.

It's also very entertaining, as Denny's life is defined by her constant battle with the squirrels of Lubbock. The squirrels destroy Denny's pecans, and that infuriates her, so she has various (often ruthless) ways of getting rid of them. Today as we were walking to the front door, we heard a bizarre squawking noise that turned out to be a squirrel. I think that it saw my grandmother and was calling out a warning to its squirrel buddies.

As much as I love living with Denny and D-Dad, I do miss my family. And Schnookums. I'm still convinced I could have hidden her upstairs and Denny would have never known.

Le sigh.

Despite being tired most of the time, after a year of doing basically nothing at Cisco, I like being so busy with school, work, church, etc. It makes the days when I actually can laze about and do nothing that much better.

And now I must go. I hope everyone else is enjoying their classes, jobs, life, etc. as well!



Kaylie said...

A few things:

1. I appreciate the Vampire Weekend reference.

2. New Blogger...not feelin' it, man. Not feeling it at all.

3. So happy to hear that school is going well! I feel like you should know that one of my friends here in Portland is from Austin! I've met a few Texans, actually. Texas people are cool, you being one of them.

4. I lived with my grandparents when I was younger, so I know what you mean about it being good for the soul!

5. I miss my dog too. :(

6. <3

Kim Tackett said...

Great reading this morning while drinking my coffee. We're headed to Albany today. I'll hug your family and puppy for you. Love you! Aunt Kim

Nicola said...

making a quill?? so awesome.
i think thats really nice living with your grandparents for now. :)
hope all your classes go well! :D

Natalie said...

I tried New Blogger for a minute and it was really scary and white and I don't even know.

Biking to class sounds so fun! I can just picture you frolicking through the campus. Though on a bike I suppose you can't really frolic. But, you know.

Oh my gosh, your English class sounds AMAZING. Just... everything about it. Fantastic.

Stupid math. Why must it exist.

And yeah, having to wake up early every single day of the week is exhausting. The only morning I can ever sleep in on is Sunday. Agh.

Living with your grandparents sounds so wonderful. I love all of the photos and things you post on Twitter and whatnot. :)

That is true, though. Being busy makes you appreciate being lazy so much more!

Ash said...

I know exactly what you mean when you say you appreciate your days off that much more when you're so busy. It rings true.

I've only worked full time for four odd months, but already, you learn to truly cherish the weekends. Just getting out and doing whatever with mates or just kicking back for a day just to unwind.

Weekends are this shizz.

Andrew said...

You know, of course, that I would e more than happy to help with Math...especially if you made an extra quill...HINT.
I come in town on weekends alot...we should totally talk more, seeing as how we are actually in the same city quite frequently.

shelbyisms said...

I hate OSU. I hate it. I don't belong here but I will suck it up because it is paid for by the University and WHO THE HELL COMPETES WITH FREE. RIGHT?

I'm frustrated.

Your grandparents are rad.

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