Friday, December 9, 2011

In which I am sentimental.

Soon two more of my favorite people will be living in Lubbock with me. KaCee and Jacob have been accepted into Tech and tomorrow they're moving into their new apartment that isn't very far from my grandparents' house.

I am so excited for them to live here, but the picture below made me sentimental and nostalgic. If you know me, then you know it doesn't take very much for me to feel this way, and the fact that I am under great stress from finals week probably isn't helping any, but there's nothing I can do about it now except write.

KaCee and Jacob moved in together last August. The income-based apartments on the Moran highway weren't the greatest, but it wasn't too shabby for a first apartment with your high school sweetheart. Soon enough, pictures were framed, curtains were hung, and little crafts by KaCee were placed all over, and the apartment was really theirs.

That August was right before Melany, KaCee, Husmann and I started our first year of college, so most of those last few weeks we had together were spent in that living room late at night, talking and laughing. Eventually, school forced us apart, but when everyone could make it home for a weekend, we would all meet at KaCee and Jacob's. It became a place of reunion, of retrouvailles.

Even though KaCee and Jacob only lived there for a little over a year, there are many memories attached to that tiny apartment. Jacob playing World of Warcraft, and Kaiser chasing Colt while he giggled like a schoolgirl. The Christmas party that we spent so much time preparing for, and playing a million rounds of Catch Phrase. Watching Rugrats, and ranting about annoying people we know (which is most of them). All of the talks, and the night we didn't end up leaving until five in the morning.

Mostly, a lot of late nights and a lot of laughter and a lot of love.

We've gotten to the point in our lives where the times that we'll all be in the same place at the same time are few and far between, so it's nice that we'll have these things to look back on. It's nice that, for a little while, we had this place to go where we knew that best friends would always be, and that if we weren't all together now, we would be soon.



Melany said...

I am not emotionally able to handle this! I've become nocturnal in the last few days and have literally done nothing but watch sitcoms, movies, and animal videos on youtube, so I have lost all forms of sanity.

And now it's 4 in the morning and I'm crying over a picture of an empty room and your words. And all the memories.

I miss my friends.

shelbyisms said...

I just really relate to this post. KaCee and Jacob deserve it, though! Go them!

Natalie said...

Fsdfhdskjfdsk the last paragraph. I just know that one year from now, that will be so very relevant to my life. There are just those places that are so special to us, that hold so many memories. As cliched as that sounds, it is true.

Nicola said...

just a wonderful post maggie. <3
also, the word verification is 'liked' lie. :)

KaCee Roberts said...

Finally worked up the courage to read this. I still cried like a baby but hid under the blanket so Jacob wouldn't see.

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