Friday, December 2, 2011


So now that it's December it is officially The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. If you haven't been around my blog for Christmas before, prepare yourself. I really love Christmas, an obscene amount. And why wouldn't I? Christmas is WONDERFUL, not to mention all of the other things that come with this time of year–the cold, wearing scarves and boots, drinking coffee everyday. There's also the fact that I have half a week of regular classes and four finals, and then it's Christmas break, which not only consists of sleeping in and Christmas, but also of NEW YORK.

I can't believe it's already December though! This semester went by so fast. Does time go by faster the older you get? I feel like that's the case. For the most part, I have enjoyed it though.

Some really weird, wonderful, crazy things have happened to me this semester. A lot of things to be thankful for. Let's recap, shall we?
  1. Melany and I drove to San Antonio to see Darren Criss in concert. (Technically, not this semester since it was in July, but we'll ignore that.)
  2. I was hired as seasonal help at Aeropostale in August, but they kept me on as a regular part time employee. Although I greatly dislike Aeropostale as a store, the people were nice and I'm glad they kept me on even though I'd never had a job before.
  3. Sometime around that time I bought mine and Keren's tickets to see Darren Criss in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying and began planning my trip to New York in January.
  4. In October, I stayed with Melany in Austin and her, Britny, and I saw Quiet Company in concert and went to the Austin Teen Book Festival where I met Corey Whaley, Maureen Johnson, Jackson Pearce, and Scott Westerfeld.
  5. Three days after I returned from Austin (a.k.a. my favorite place), I found out I would be going back in a month for the S.P.A.C.E. Tour.
  6. Not only did I get to go to the S.P.A.C.E. Tour, but I also got to meet and take pictures with some of my favorite StarKids even though I hadn't gotten VIP. My epic wish on November 11, 2011 at 11:11am had been to meet Joey Richter, which came true and increased sixfold.
  7. Just the other week I took a math test that I didn't study for and therefore blindly guess on nine of the twelve questions, and made an 87.5.
  8. I gave my two weeks notice at Aeropostale on Monday because so many hours were being cut (to the point where there were some weeks I didn't work at all), and by Wednesday I was hired as a checker at United where my pay will increase a little and my hours will increase drastically.
  9. Last night, Corey Whaley followed me on Twitter. We had a conversation spanning several Tweets and he laughed at one of my jokes. Expect wedding invites soon.
  10. And then tonight, John Green replied to one of my posts. Like, a two paragraph reply. Called me marvelousmaggie and everything. (Amy called me to tell me that he had and literally right after I hung up the phone Mayte called to tell me the same. I found it amusing.)
I don't know why all of these fantastic things are happening to me as I've certainly done nothing to deserve them, but I feel very blessed that they have happened. I'm very fortunate, and I should try harder to remember that when I start complaining about Spanish.

And now I bid you adieu. I'm going to watch Doctor Who and stay up extremely late because I get to sleep in tomorrow.



mayte michelle. said...

you deserve this, Maggie. You are a really good person and I'm so glad you're my friend<3

also, I was seriously freaking out when I saw that John replied.

Melany said...

I am leaving you a comment as per your request.

Why I made that sound so weird and professional, I have no idea.


I love you and the cool things that are happening in your life. I also love that I have been there when like half of them happened.

Also, you should hurry up and live in Austin already. I'm just saying.

Natalie said...

OH MY GOODNESS, of course you deserve all of it. You just have an awesome life. :)

Last night I was telling my friends that he reblogged/replied to you and they were all freaking out, too. It was great.

lina said...

it's crazy just reading all the neat & amazing & brilliant & surprising things you have here maggie! it's so cool.
& a checker at united? like...the airlines??

Dillon said...

Your life is fantastic! Glad you refelcted upon it and gave appriciation to all the wonderful things that have happened, which, you deserve. I'm going to hereby refer to you as modestmaggie from now on.

▲my• said...

So happy for you! :D

shelbyisms said...

Your life is so interesting. Seriously, though. JOHN GREEN REPLIED TO YOU WITH A PARAGRAPH. You're just really fun.

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