Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3: Things to Remember

The first time we went to the nail salon that would become the only one we would go to, we were all wearing white. We hadn't planned it, but I'm sure it looked like it as Colt, Melany, KaCee, and I walked in to the small room together.

We asked for the prices, and then spent the next minute turning to each other excitedly saying, "It's thirty dollars for a manicure and a pedicure? It's thirty dollars for both? It's thirty dollars for both!"

We looked through all the shelves of nail polish, trying to find a color we liked. KaCee, Melany, and I picked different shades of pink. Colt didn't pick a color, but only because he said he'd feel obligated to match all of his outfits to what color his nails were and that wasn't something he wanted to deal with.

The next two hours were spent chatting and laughing with the ladies working while they painted our nails. The four of us decided quickly that we liked that place very much and would come back often. We told them so, and tipped and thanked them profusely as we left.

After, we went to Olive Garden. It was one of those times that everything said was funny and every laugh was obnoxious and loud. Colt embarrassed us in front of our waiter, but I don't remember how–just that we laughed especially hard about it. 

That was a good day.



mayte. said...

days like that are amazing.

lina said...

i love perfect days : )

Nicola said...

I can't wait to meet you.
When I read everyones blogs now, i get so excited for July.

Melany said...

Colt was saying obscene things about the waiter. It was SUPER embarrassing because he overheard him.

That was such a fun day.

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