Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4: Change of Plans

You know just three days ago I said that I would be graduating in December 2013? Well, I lied.

When I was laying out my pencil plan, I forgot about the two U.S. history classes I took in Cisco, so I had put down that I still needed two extra U.S. history classes. My English advisor spotted this when I met with her on Monday to do my degree plan, and my History advisor confirmed it when I met with her on Tuesday. Without those two history classes, and with me taking four hours in the first summer session and sixteen hours each for the next two semesters, I will be able to graduate May 2013.

In fact, I turned in my Intent to Graduate yesterday.


So, really, I have a little over a year until I graduate and move to Austin and start work on my Master's. Ideally, I would want my own apartment. Realistically, that probably won't happen, especially at first. So Melany and I have talked seriously of sharing an apartment, and we think that it is something we could do without hating each other. I am very excited.

Anyway, wish me luck that all goes according to plan for the next year, and that I will be handed a diploma next May.



Dillon said...

That's so soon!
I wish you the best of luck.

shelbyisms said...

I'll be done after the summer of 2013 (if everything goes as plans), but I'll get to walk in May. I won't be going to grad school until 2014, though, because I'm going to grad school in Arkansas and I want to establish residency first. Plus, there's the whole "getting married" thing. ;)

Love you!

Natalie said...

THAT'S IN LIKE ONE YEAR. You could be graduating before I'm even done with my first year. That is insane. And insanely awesome. You and Shelby are insanely awesome.

mayte. said...

ahh college! it's weird to think 2013 is just next year.
also if shelby gets married I hope she invites us, now i'm excited about Shelby getting married.
i love weddings.
anyway, I cannot wait to meet you :3

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