Sunday, February 24, 2013

Melany Turns 21

This past weekend, KaCee and I made the drive to Austin to celebrate Melany's birthday. Last year, the four of us* had terrible birthdays, and vowed that that would not happen this year. Even though Husmann wasn't able to come this time, we still had a great weekend (and Husmann will definitely be there for the next trip because it is partially for her birthday).

When we got there Friday night, Melany was still out with her family, so we picked up Britny and went for our traditional meal at Magnolia's. Every time I go I get the Prima Dora omelette (avocado, cheese, covered in sour cream sauce) and a short stack of whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes, and every time I think it can't get better than last time but IT CAN. Magnolia's never disappoints.

Saturday morning we slept in, watched an awesome Alicia Silverstone movie called The Crush (go watch it–thank us later), ordered a pizza, and were lazy most of the afternoon. Eventually, we got dressed up to go to dinner and a comedy club called the Velveeta Room with Melany's sister, Michelle, and Britny. Afterwards, everyone headed back to Melany and her sister's apartment for a sleepover. It was a really great night involving Apples to Apples, cookies, and a lot of girl talk.

On Sunday, KaCee and I took our sweet time leaving Austin, as usual. It gets harder to leave every time. Good news is KaCee and Britny are officially getting an apartment together this summer, and I already know I'll be there in December. I get closer to home every day.


P.S. Listen to this song and be happy.

* Melany, KaCee, Husmann, and I


Natalie DiCenzo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANY! I'm glad that everything for this birthday extravaganza went well. Magnolia's sounds exceedingly delicious. I can't wait to go to Austin.

▲my• said...

What a fun birthday weekend for Melany and the rest of you! ALSO THAT FOOD SOUNDS AMAZING.

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