Monday, February 25, 2013

More Often Than Sometimes

In an earlier post I spoke of my love for words. (Reading back I realize I didn't even say love. I said I liked words, which is a horrific understatement. Truly, it is an infatuation.) Sometimes I find words that I love so much I am at a loss for words. I will read or hear something that is just so . . . just so that I can't even form a proper sentence to describe it and am reduced to rolling around on the floor. It's incredibly frustrating, but also probably the best feeling.

During a break in tonight's latte-fueled study fest, I stumbled upon spoken word poet Shane Koyczan. His poem "More Often Than Sometimes" left me at a loss. I hope it leaves you the same.



shelbyisms said...

This is a goodie.

mayte. said...

spoken word is my favorite. derrick brown and andrea gibson are my favorite
next time you're in austin go to write bloody and pick up some books and meet derrick brown and kiss him.

Anastasia said...

i want to devour words.

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