Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Twenty-One Before Twenty-Two

  1. Save more, spend less
  2. Cross "See Fall Out Boy in concert" off bucket list
  3. Reread Running With Scissors
  4. Find the perfect couch
  5. Send more letters and packages
  6. Plan and execute a successful Austin meet-up
  7. Wear lipstick more often
  8. Graduate college (Edit: Not until May!)
  9. Move to Austin (Edit: Not until October.)
  10. Read at least fifteen more books
  11. Watch all the movies that I own yet have not seen
  12. Finish my textbook
  13. Organize a package swap
  14. Write more stories
  15. Continue gathering recipes for my recipe book
  16. Learn how to properly cook those recipes (and the other ones)
  17. Visit New York again
  18. Get one of my tiny tattoos (or all three)
  19. Start a blog with Melany
  20. Wear more dresses
  21. Go to SXSW

P.S. Here's last year's.


▲my• said...

I like this list! <3


Natalie said...


#17 - preferably when I am also there and then you and Dillon and Anastasia and I can ALL FROLIC OMG

shelbyisms said...

18. Get one of my tiny tattoos.

Part of my list this year was to take better care of my skin and I suck so far! GOOD LUCK, & Happy Birthday, pal!

Dillon said...

So great. Also what Natalie said. And get your tattoos. I'm curious as to what kinds of recipes you're collecting!

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