Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Different Corners of the Universe

When I started blogging seven years ago, I didn't expect anything to come of it. I wasn't hoping for comments, followers, or anything of the sort. If my family and friends wanted to read, great, but ultimately it was for me. I just wanted to write.

The thought of meeting people through blogging never crossed my mind. I certainly never expected to make friends with other bloggers–much less count a few of them among my best friends–or exchange numerous calls and texts with these strangers. I never could have imagined that we'd meet in Seattle one July and then in Austin the next, and take weekend trips to see each other in-between summers. Who would expect something like that?

Dillon, Natalie, and I have a group text that started sometime after the Austin meet-up and, for awhile, was used solely for obsessing over Instagram user @foxesandcats (a.k.a. Tom). Now we use it primarily for talking about places we want to go and pressuring Natalie to get a tattoo, but every once in awhile, we get a little emotional.

The other day conversation turned from talk of deodorant when Dillon said, "Damn, I miss you two."

"Why do we have to be from places that are across the country from one another?" Natalie said. (This is something all of us question at least once a week.)

"Hey, you know what's cool though?" Dillon said. "The fact that we met and are great friends even though we are from different corners of the universe."

Sometimes I forget that this isn't normal. I've become so accustomed to the Blogger Family being there that I forget most other people don't have this kind of global support system. (I also forget that when I talk about the Blogger Family, most people have no idea what I mean.)

It's so comforting to know there are people thousands of miles away that care for me and are rooting me on. It's nice to receive letters and packages stuffed with mix CDs and socks, and even nicer to send them to someone else. It's great to wake up to texts that say, "I miss you. How are you?" or answer calls that start with, "Can I just bitch to you for, like, two minutes?" I would like to say that I don't take all of this for granted, but I know that I do sometimes.

So let me take this moment to say that I love all of you and that I count myself extremely blessed to be a part of this family. I honestly don't remember what it was like before I met you.



lina said...

this makes me so happy. love you, maggie.

Dillon said...

Well now I'm emotional too. Damn it, Maggie.

Natalie said...

I love our group text.

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