Friday, November 22, 2013

Ups & Downs

● Due to inclement weather, I cannot go to Austin this weekend.
● This means I will not be able to see Matt Nathanson with Melany tomorrow night, which is something I have literally been planning for years.
● I definitely cried in front of the FedEx guy earlier.

On the bright side:
● My mom is the sweetest little peach and let me FedEx the tickets overnight, so at least Melany will still get to make use of her Christmas present.
● The FedEx guy pretended he didn't notice I was crying. Thanks, FedEx guy.
● I have the whole weekend to do all of the homework that certainly would not have been finished had I gone to Austin.
● Despite the fact that the weather is what is keeping me from Austin, I'm still loving the cold. I got to wear my winter coat today. And boots. And a beanie.
● Now my going to Austin in December solely to attend an Elf quote-along is justified.


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