Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dream Your Life Away

I heard Vance Joy's most popular song "Riptide" (video above) over a year ago and though I did not love it quite as much as my friends did (Melany listened to the song for four straight hours while writing a paper), I still liked it and really enjoyed his voice. I downloaded a few more songs from his EP God Loves You When You're Dancing, but had no idea an album was in the works. What a nice surprise.

His debut album Dream Your Life Away released two days ago. I found out about it an hour ago and bought it forty-seven minutes ago. Now I'm blogging about it so everyone else can experience the joy I'm feeling right now.

Upon first listen, "Georgia" is definitely a favorite, if not the favorite. I could literally feel my insides melting (okay, not literally). Other great tracks include "Best That I Can" and "Who Am I" and also every other song on the album. Treat yourself.


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Natalie said...

Did you put Riptide on a mix CD? Is that when I first heard it? I cannot remember. But anyway, YEEES THIS ALBUM IS SO GREAT.

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