Monday, September 5, 2011

Here's to the good days.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I crawled out of bed and opened the blinds to see the sky was gray. Wonderfully gray, the breeze was chilly, and it felt like autumn. It was the perfect start to a Sunday.

After Sunday school, I went over to the Copeland's for fajitas, and then left for my first Quidditch practice. I knew that Quidditch was going to be awesome because, I mean, it's Quidditch, but actually getting to see and play the game was so much funner than I could have imagined.

There were so many people there, more than fifty I'd say. A lot more than the returning team members were expecting, I think. We played several games with everyone switching out so we all got a chance to play and try out different positions. I tried Chaser first, and determined very quickly that I simply was not aggressive enough to play that position, and switched to Beater, which I loved playing. When I wasn't on the field, I watched from the sidelines and talked to the others waiting for their chance to go in again. There was a lot of laughing and conversation was very easy with everyone I talked to. I mean, these are my people. We are kindred. It was wonderful.

If the college you attend has a team, JOIN. You will regret it if you don't.

After Quidditch, I went to grab some things* that Husmann had picked up for me when she went home last weekend. As I was leaving her apartment, Julia called me and said our Sunday school small group was going bowling, so I rushed home to make myself presentable and she picked me up.

I am only good at bowling sometimes, and last night I went from good to bad to abysmal. It didn't help that we were using thirteen pound balls for the majority of the time, and when we did find a smaller one, the finger holes were very tiny. I could only fit the very tips of my fingers in, which made me nervous that I would lose grip of the ball when I swung my arm back and therefore be responsible for someone's decapitation. Luckily, that did not happen, but Alayna did brutally beat all of us with a score of 150.

Julia and I stopped at the lake with the red, white, and blue fountains in the middle, and laid in the grass and talked for awhile. It was just nice, and we couldn't figure out how we'd never thought to do it before.

It was a good day, and I just wanted to tell you about it.

Here's to many more for you and I.


P.S. After much consideration and wandering around the site, I have decided that I do like the new Blogger interface. I know you were all anxious to hear my thoughts on this subject.

* Including mine and Keren's tickets to How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying in Jaunary. I AM GOING TO NEW YORK, GUYS. I keep forgetting, and then I freak out all over again when I remember.


Ash said...

I can't work out if you're tripping on acid or whether Quidditch on a college level just hasn't made it to Australia yet.

Either way, I had bacon for breakfast, and it was just fantastic.

PS: I'm so-so with the new Blogger interface, but leaning kinda towards 'yay' rather than 'nay'.

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh. This is the best thing ever. QUIDDITCH, IN REAL LIFE! I CAN'T EVEN COMPREHEND IT! :D It just sounds so freaking fun. I am excited for you. Just the fact that you can say the phrase "after Quidditch" in normal conversation makes me really happy.

I am terrible at bowling, so, don't despair. Haha. :)

EEEEEEEEEE! HOW TO SUCCEEEEEED. My friends and I are currently planning it for a spring break 2012 trip which I really hope actually occurs...

Kaylie said...

I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE ON A QUIDDITCH TEAM! I feel like I should have taken this in consideration when choosing a college. Oh well.


Nicola said...

i love you so much maggie.
lets have lots of adventures when you come to london.
i am so excited for you to be going to see How to are gonna have the most fab time EVER!

Kendall said...

My high school actually used to have a Quidditch team but then somebody broke their arm and there hasn't really been anything since. :P But some classes still play on Field Day and it's hilarious to watch. That's awesome that your school has a team! :)

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