Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Few Things

As a reader, writer, and English major, words are a big part of my life. I really like words, and I like it best when those words are strung together to make really great sentences. I like to collect quotes. If you hang around me for more than hour, you will quickly realize if you say something that strikes a chord or makes me laugh, I will quote you on various social media sites. It's just what I do.

Anyway, lately I've found a lot of words that I want to share with everyone. Words are good. I hope you appreciate these as much as I do.

01. I'm a sap, and Thought Catalog's 8 Ways To Say I Love You really gets to me.

02. All of the words Augusten Burroughs says are the best words.

03. Recently, Kyla Roma wrote this inspiring post about creativity and patience. It starts off with an awesome quote, too, so it's doubly wonderful.

04. Last week, I discovered Letters of Note, a website that compiles letters of all kinds from all different people. In short, it's the best website to ever be created, and I'm incredibly inspired by what I've read there. Two of my favorites are this one from Stieg Larsson to his partner, and this one from John Steinbeck to his son.

05. "Skin" is one of my favorites off of Boy's album Mutual Friends (you know, the one I had shipped from Germany). The acoustic version is even better, as acoustic versions usually are.



Lizzi said...

Love love love this post. Everything about it.

Especially that Augustus Burroughs quote.

lina said...

what a great post, maggie! love the links you gave. i've read that "8 ways to say i love you" on tumblr before i think. it's so good it gives me chills. haha. also, what a neat link for the letters. i went on it & the first one i saw was from jane austen about when she first had pride & prejudice published, one of my favorite books. also, i love the augusten burroughs quote. i recently found this blog you might be interested in:
love, lina

Lizzie said...

About to read the Thought Catalogue article and wanted to write this comment first in case I tear up and need to take a moment.

That Augusten Burroughs quote is so perfect, though. Talking to people is beautiful.

Did you know Skin (acoustic) and Little Numbers are available on iTunes US now? I still think it's cooler you had it shipped from Germany.

I hope everything is going well. I should be writing a one page paper due Saturday but I don't have class until 3pm so...sweat pants, music, and reading blogs in the meantime!

Natalie DiCenzo said...

The 8 Ways To Say I Love You thing really got to me, too, and I would consider myself very much unsappy, so you know it must be good. Also, I think Augusten Burrough's words in your handwriting is just the best combination.

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