Monday, December 2, 2013

Another List

● I only have one day of class left, and nine days until I'm completely finished with this semester.

● In less than two weeks, I will be headed to Austin.

● As it's finally December, I can now be unabashedly enthusiastic for Christmas and, unlike the last three months, no one can be annoyed with me for it.

● Once I finish all of my essays, I'm going to use the paper to make a million snowflakes.

● I am probably getting sick, and have eaten roughly twenty of Ricola's cherry honey cough drops since yesterday.

● StarKid's new musical Twisted was finally released, and I cannot wait to watch it.

● This is a really good song.

● So is this one.

● Currently on season six of my perpetual Frasier marathon. Daphne and Niles are still not together.

● Only 23 days until Christmas!



Natalie said...

I cannot wait to watch Twisted also! WINTER BREAK WINTER BREAK WINTER BREAK.

Please do use your essays to make paper snowflakes. That would be so amazing.

beenotafraid said...

TWISTED. I am so excited. That is my Friday evening plan.

Also, I was thinking a giant bonfire for my essays and notes, but snowflakes seem like a much more plausible idea.

shelbyisms said...

Come visit me. I'll visit you. We'll be best buds. Forever.

Lizzie said...

You make me smile.

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