Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Colorful Colorado

It's weird how things work out sometimes.
For example: Earlier this year, I devised a grand plan to sneak Dillon and Natalie into Shelby and Sam's wedding. The way I imagined it, Shelby and Sam wouldn't have known they were there until they walked down the aisle and looked into the crowd. It would have been the best surprise, but that didn't work out in our favor. I had accepted I would only get to see Shelby at her wedding this summer, and that I wouldn't get to see anyone else until the next meet-up.

Then Dillon, who is from Seattle and goes to school in upstate New York (a.k.a. Very Far Away), got an internship in Colorado (a.k.a. Way Closer Than Seattle and New York). Just like that, Shelby and I had planned to each make the drive to Colorado Springs to hang out for the weekend.

Dillon provided scones and coffee each morning, of course. We spent our two days driving to cities nearby for shopping, eating, and general wandering. Food and drink standouts include Snooze in Boulder and the Parked Pierogi in Palmer Lake, if you're ever in the area.

We also spent a lot of time talking about plans for Portland, future meet-ups, possible collaborations–you know, the family business. I'm so happy that we all met, and that we're all able to take these trips to see each other. I can't wait for Portland next summer and everything that comes after.



Nicola said...

I am so happy we all met. Talking to you last night made me so happy. So far away, yet so close in my heart. Love you always. So glad you got to see Shelby and Dillon.

Natalie said...

I love you guys and I'm so happy you all got to meet up! And also video chat me.

Also, thank you for providing links to those menus because I am figuring out what I would have ordered. Sweet potato pancakes or the omg French toast from the Snooze place, and... also the french toast from the Pierogi place because it comes with fried plantains AND pierogis? Oh dang. I have a problem.

Dillon said...

SNOOZE WAS SO GOOD. I'm glad I forced us to go there. I'm also just so glad this all worked out. I miss you already!

beenotafraid said...

"You know, the family business." Stop the cute.

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