Thursday, April 2, 2015


My freshman year of high school a few friends and I were given some old computer textbooks to repurpose in whatever way we saw fit. Armed with all manner of craft supplies and a ton of magazines, we turned what would have been trash into our own personal treasures. The pages were covered with quotes from movies and books, pictures of friends and celebrities, and little high school mementos. We called it textbooking.

Eventually we moved from the oversized computer textbooks to smaller books and journals, but we still call it textbooking to this day. It's still something I love to do. I love magazines, especially fashion magazines, and love that I can use them after I finish reading them. Anytime I feel like I'm lacking inspiration or just need a creative outlet outside of this blog, I textbook. Usually while watching a movie or four.

It takes me awhile to finish a whole textbook because the urge/need comes and goes. Recently (or like two months ago), I finished the one I started my first year of college, which was, you know, five years ago. I don't mind though–I like that it spans so much time. It's fun to see how I have and have not changed. Anyway, I decided to share a few of my favorite pages with you. (You can click to make them bigger!) They're really nothing special, but I promise you it was so much fun.



beenotafraid said...

I have always loved your textbooks!! I like that it's something y'all do because I have always kept and cut up magazines. Your textbooks are a more creative version of my wall collages.

Also, I'm proud of you for posting two blogs in four days.

Dillon said...

wait... so these are like actual textbooks that you just covered the pages up of?

Anonymous said...

These are amazing!

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