Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February Goals

01. APPLY FOR MY PASSPORT (ASAP!) | Applied, paid the extra $70 to expedite it (just in case), and received it a couple of weeks ago! I'm so thankful passports are good for ten years because getting my application in was an ORDEAL.

02. STUDY FOR THE GRE FOR ONE HOUR, THREE TIMES A WEEK | Done! I didn't always study three separate times, but I actually studied for more than three hours every week! I mean, I still feel incredibly unprepared and will probably still fail, but that's okay.

03. FINALLY GET MY BOOTS FIXED | Picked them up last week! It was so easy and inexpensive and why didn't I just get it done three years ago?

04. POWER DOWN BY 10:30 EVERY NIGHT | I was good about this for the first part of the month, but then our new president was sworn in and everything kind of went to shit, which made it really, really difficult to stop myself from obsessively checking social media for more terrible news...

Three out of four isn't bad way to start the year though. On to February!

For my own sanity, I have to learn to do this. It's important to stay informed, but I won't be any help to anyone if I'm mentally and physically exhausted.

This was an unofficial goal of mine last month (which resulted in a very good omelette and some mediocre chicken fettuccine alfredo) but I'm hoping to find a few more easy recipes I really love. Open to any and all suggestions!

Remember when I was like, "Maybe I'll finish my first to-read list before the new year!"? I was way too optimistic, as it's now February and I'm not even halfway through. I'm currently working on Us by David Nicholls, and am hoping to finish that up plus one more (whether for book club or another from the list) before the end of this month!

So that's it for February! What are your goals for the month? As always, I'm linking up with Nicole at writes like a girl and encourage you to do the same!



lil desiqua said...

Isn't it the worst when you think something is going to be an ordeal so you just keep putting it off and then you realize it's super simple?! Haha, happens to me constantly. powering down earlier and reading 2 books is on my goals list as well. One of my favorite easy recipes is the one-pot Italian Wonderpot from Budget Bytes. I've tried a few of hers and they're really good! Stopping by from the linkup!

Heather said...

Oh man, I can totally relate to obsessively checking my social media before bed to be informed, but really I just end up stressed out. I've started a rule that I can only look at Instagram or read a book before bed and it's helped a lot. Also, this is one of my favorite recipes of all time: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2014/05/honey-roasted-veggies-gnocchi.html
It's super easy to change up if you don't like the veggies she makes, but it's something easy that we have like once a week at my house.

Dillon said...

Thank goodness that the passport ordeal is over! Good job on your January goals, you got this GRE I'm sure of it.

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