Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Few Things

01. Dance skills are something I am woefully lacking. Never have I ever shaken it like a saltshaker or a Polaroid picture. Not for lack of trying. I actually am physically incapable of doing so, but I love to watch other people dance. When I lived at home and had access to TiVo, I watched So You Think You Can Dance with my mom and sister every week. Now I rarely get to watch it, but I did manage to catch this performance, and it is breathtaking.

02. Read this letter written by Caitlin Moran to her daughter.

03. Regardless of how annoying Miley Cyrus has become (and probably always was), you must admit that some of her songs are catchy. And even though images of Miley "twerking" are burned into my retinas, "We Can't Stop" is no exception to this. (It's the chorus, man. Gets me every time.) Fortunately, awesome bands like Bastille take these catchy songs and put good vocals to them, so we feel a little less bad for singing along.

04. Recently over at A Beautiful Mess, they shared photos of Emma's living room and it absolute perfection. I am in love.

05. You must have seen this by now, but you should watch it again because it is just as funny the sixteenth time.


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Natalie said...

SYTYCD makes me feel so bad about my lack of dancing ability. But seriously, those people are amazing. As is Bastille. And holy shit, that room is perfection. Giant bookshelf with the ladder is a must have in my future, otherwise I will not have successfully lived.

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