Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10: Siblings

I've seen a view people post blogs or things on Facebook saying that today is National Sibling Day or something, so I am just taking their word for it and using it to fill today's BEDA post.

This is Emmy and Zakary. I love them dearly even though most of the time I want to hit them.

Emmy is thirteen and a quintessential junior high girl. She is very easily bored and has way too much energy for her own good, but she can be very funny–though sometimes unintentionally. She loves to dance and actually can (unlike me), and is really good with kids (sometimes unlike me). We are complete opposites in most ways, which causes us to fight a lot, but as far as sisters go, I guess she's pretty cool.

Zak is ten and very much a boy. He plays video games constantly, and his room is decked out in Star Wars memorabilia and covered in Legos, which I step on all the time. He's generally pretty sweet and sometimes he asks me read Harry Potter aloud to him. Our personalities are more similar, so we don't fight as often, but he can be a little prissy. He is our "Bubba" though, so we love him.

We're a pretty cool bunch, even if we don't always get along. Growing up would certainly be less entertaining if they weren't around.



KMJ Liming said...

I knew you secretly loved them. :-)

Nicola said...

your family sound awesome. :)

Lizzie said...

I'm really glad you're doing BEDA.

Your family sounds sweet, in both definitions of the world.

I hope you are well.
I am going to go work on my birthday package to you even though it will obviously be belated and I apologize for that. <3

Em [The Writer] said...

So you have a brother ten years younger than you too? Or just nine? I have a brother that way too in every way ahaha, who is also ten years younger than me. As for your sister, she also sounds just like mine. Hah

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