Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12: Today

Today was a pretty good one.

I registered for my summer and fall semesters, and managed to get in all of the classes that I wanted at times that are not awful. I'm excited that I will be finished with Spanish after this summer, and that I'll be trying out yoga. My classes for next fall should be interesting, but I'm also terrified of the amount of writing I will have to do. It is my fault though, for being a English major and History minor.

I went to a late lunch/early dinner at El Chico with KaCee and Jacob. It was great, especially since for most of the week I had been so busy with a paper that I hadn't seen them. Afterwards, KaCee and I went to Target where I used a birthday gift card to get Some Nights by fun. and a pretty dress that I will probably wear to the fancy dinner the Blogger Family is having while in Seattle.

We also went to see 21 Jump Street, which was actually really hilarious. It's one of those funny-because-it's-stupid kind of movies, but it's a really good one. I recommend if you like to laugh at ridiculous things and don't mind language.

I then came home to find my Lightscoop and a envelope from Natalie sitting on my bed. If you needed any more convincing that the Blogger Family is wonderful, here is your proof.

Because I am a weird person (and a girl), this birthday card made me emotional.

I talk about my Blogger Family all of the time, but I don't think anyone realizes how much these "strangers from the Internet" have come to mean to me. I talk to at least one of them every day and mention them at least five times a day. Random things (like Pinto beans) will remind me of them, and I often go to them for advice. I have only met one of them in real life, but they are such a constant in my life now that I often forget that fact. These people are some of my best friends.

The Seattle Trip of Dreams and Wonder is just going to be one big love fest, and I am so excited to meet all of you.


P.S. Shelby asked for a picture of my purse, so here is crappy Photo Booth quality for you.


Natalie said...

You get to have a yoga class? Awesome! Hopefully after your hands are dying from writing maybe that can help them... not... die.

I have listened to Some Nights so many times over and over in my car. Good album.

And SEATTLE. I'm just having spasms thinking about it. It's like a nervous tick. Seattle. SPASM. I don't think my "IRL" friends really understand that you guys are not just, like, "internet" friends. YOU ARE MY FRIENDS. REAL PEOPLE. THAT I WILL BE GALLOPING (GALLOPING?) ACROSS THE COUNTRY WITH AND JUST AH SO MANY EMOTIONS. I really just love all of you.

shelbyisms said...

You da best.

Nicola said...

Maggie, i agree with all of this about the blogging family. Even though we are all so far away, and have never met...I honestly feel like you guys are my best friends...and that means so much to me.
July is going to be awesome. I can't even express it in words.
I can't wait to meet you, talk to you, and give you a giant hug.

Em [The Writer] said...

1. LOVED 21 Jump Street.
2. LOVE Fun. with a burning passion. Their first album, by the way, is also spectacular!
4. LOVE your bag!!

Bookish.Spazz said...


lina said...

awww maggie : ) even though i don't comment as much as i want to, i still am super happy for the blogger family! you are awesome & amazing. can't wait to meet you in seattle!!!

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