Saturday, February 1, 2014


● We still don't have WiFi, and I feel my grip on reality slowly slipping.

● I'm still not finished unpacking because I still do not have all of my furniture.

● Our neighbor is crazy. She rings our doorbell at eight in the morning just to chat. She walks around the neighborhood in her robe with her chihuahua. She goes back and forth from her house to her car, slamming doors over and over for no apparent reason. She turns her car on, opens all the doors, and blasts gospel and soft rock music in middle of the day and sometimes at two in the morning.

● Naturally, my bedroom is closest to her driveway.

● I was tired of people telling me my hair was brown (even though it most likely had crossed from dark blonde to light brown), so I dyed it very blonde so people could not make that mistake again.

● The next person who makes a blonde joke is getting sucker punched right in the gut.

● No one, including my professor, knows exactly what one does in Senior Seminar. In spite of this, my professor manages to fill the entire three hour block with inane ramblings.

● As far as I have found, English Literature majors are the only ones that have to take a seminar class.

● My Age of Chivalry professor is incredibly handsome. Like Joseph Gordon-Levitt with a beard.

● I'm taking a class on Jane Austen & Ethics, and am thoroughly enjoying it even though the Daisy Buchanan Girl from last semester is taking it as well.

● I suppose I should explain Daisy Buchanan Girl. She speaks very softly. She doesn't mumble, no. She speaks clearly, but just very, very quietly, and I think she does it on purpose. This reminds me of Daisy Buchanan, and it is for this reason that I hate this girl. Is it irrational? Yes. Do I care? No.

● (I refer to this quote: "I've heard it said that Daisy's murmur was only to make people lean toward her...")

● Last week, in less than a twenty-four hour period: The toilet overflowed. I broke one of the wine glasses I bought in Seattle. I dropped a bottle of Pam and broke the nozzle, rendering it completely useless. I forgot I was baking cookies, which resulted in a smoky kitchen.

● When lamenting these misfortunes to my friends, Britny said, "Maybe this means something awesome is going to happen soon." Here's hoping.



lina said...

i thoroughly enjoyed reading this maggie. jgl with a beard?? nice. also, the daisy buchanan girl sounds irritating & i haven't even heard her speak. cheers to good things coming soon! love you!

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh, this woman sounds amazing. In the most irritating way possible. WHAT IS HER CHIHUAHUA'S NAME AND DOES SHE EVER MAKE IT WEAR CLOTHES?

I love your fabulous new hair.

Daisy Buchanan Girl and your recent bout of bad luck need to both go away. No one invited them. Get out.

One of the related posts on the bottom of this one was the tale of Impressive Beard Guy and I reread it. And cringed at my smiley face usage in the comment I made back then. The end.

Lizzie said...

I suck at comments, but I wanted to say I enjoyed reading this.

Good luck with your last semester.

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