Saturday, March 15, 2014

Talk directions to me

Last week, a wonderful thing happened. Truly, one of the greatest things to happen probably ever. The best day of my life thus far.... WE GOT INTERNET. Also, either the crazy lady next door has stopped blasting gospel music at two in the morning or I've just gotten used to it. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Now that I have Internet, and it's Spring Break which means I actually have free time,* I can finally write about the weekend of Melany's birthday. Which was, you know, a month ago. Whatever.

On Thursday, we found out that Craig Ferguson was doing a show at the Paramount on Friday night. It didn't look like there were any seats left, so we took it as a sign that we weren't meant to spend eighty dollars we didn't have even if it was Craig Ferguson.

But on Friday morning when I woke up, the first thing Melany said to me was, "Good morning! I think I found seats for Craig Ferguson." So we took it as a sign that we were meant to spend eighty dollars we didn't have because it was Craig Ferguson. We honestly didn't have a choice. If Craig Ferguson is in town, you go see Craig Ferguson.

So on Valentine's Day, Britny, Melany, and I went to see Craig Ferguson. It was everything I dreamed it would be. Cross that off the bucket list. Afterwards, we refreshed our red lipstick and headed to Barbarella where we danced the night away to eighties music and I acted as bodyguard for the group. (I'm so not about strange guys dancing up behind girls. SO NOT ABOUT IT.) It was a really, really great night. It was the first Valentine's Day since I was little that I didn't think about it being Valentine's Day. Not that I'm ever particularly bitter about Valentine's, but it was still nice to not think about boys or relationship statuses. It was nice to drink rum and dance to Madonna, to be young and carefree.

Saturday was Melany's birthday, and we spent most of the day decorating her apartment for the little party we were going to have later that night. We got all dressed up for our reservation at South Congress Cafe, which we were so late for because it took Melany three years to curl her hair so they gave our table away and we had to awkwardly stand in the doorway for an hour. (But because I am a good friend and it was her birthday and she got sick at the restaurant, I didn't say anything about it. I'm such a nice person.) Although everything that night didn't go quite as planned with the reservation, Melany getting sick, and me accidentally making margaritas for twenty people, it still ended up okay. Melany felt better for a few hours, long enough for us to have some cupcakes and play Cards Against Humanity.

The next day I ventured to Ikea in Round Rock by myself to buy my bookshelf. It is my belief that Melany purposely contracted a virus just so she wouldn't have to go to Ikea with me, though I have no idea why she wouldn't want to go because Ikea is BEAUTIFUL. I'd never been before, and I was running around like a kid in a candy store, throwing all kinds of stuff into my basket. I was so tempted to buy things I don't even need right now (like a couch and area rug and dining room table) just because they were so reasonably priced. I'm going to have a field day once I move to Austin and Melany and I go shopping for our apartment.

When I drove back into Austin, I headed to South Congress so I could go to Parts + Labour and visit KaCee at work. When I passed the Snack Bar on the way back to Amy's, I noticed there was space at the bar. I decided the need for chicken avocado quinoa was too great and ducked inside.

I like spending time by myself. I do things that are generally considered group activities (like go to the movies) alone all the time. I've eaten alone many times before, but always at places like Chipotle while watching Frasier on my phone or something–never at a sit-down restaurant. I'd always wanted to, but the opportunity had never presented itself until then. I ordered a drink** and my quinoa, and just listened to the conversations around me. There was an nice English man to my left who watched my purse for me when I ran to the restroom, and a Russian guy and his bro friend to my right who talked about the Sochi Olympics. It was just nice. I highly recommend.

After I left the Snack Bar, I stopped by Amy's for some ice cream and to see KaCee. It felt so casual, just dropping by KaCee's work, chatting, making lunch plans for the next day. I felt so content that night, in my city, with my best friends. It's always so hard to leave.

Eight months.


* That's a lie. I have no free time. They call it a break, but really it's just a week to catch up on all the reading and essays you've gotten behind on.
** If you're ever at the Snack Bar, get the Pomgrenada. It was delish.


Natalie said...

I really love that when you talk about Austin, I actually know these places. I want to go back to Snack Bar so badly. Even though Melany was sick, it still sounds like a quality birthday overall. Can't go wrong with margaritas and cupcakes, right?

YOU HAD NEVER BEEN TO IKEA BEFORE? Oh my goodness. Where have you been all its life.

lina said...

i literally was going to say the same thing natalies said. i love that i know what you are talking about when you talk about austin! the snack bar was so so gooood!

anyways, yay for going to ikea!!!! it's like seriously one of my favorite places!

before miguel & when i lived on my own, i would hop on a bus & go downtown & just wander around by myself. i loved it. i would go to coffee shops, parks to crochet, get sushi, etc. i highly recommend it as well. i think it gets you to know yourself better.

love to you!! miss you!

beenotafraid said...


Lizzie said...

I really, really like that cupcake Happy Birthday photo.

I'm also really, really jealous that you saw Craig Ferguson, wandered IKEA and have been generally enjoying time to yourself.

I, too, have quite of bit of homework to finish on spring break, but I'm trying not to let it bring me down, y'know?

You're amazing.

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