Saturday, April 9, 2016

24 Before 25

  1. Double my savings
  2. Read at least thirty books I haven't read before (Edit: 17/30)
  3. Go back to Seattle
  4. Take the GRE
  5. Apply to graduate school
  6. Watch Parks and Recreation finally (I know, I know.) (Edit: I'm over halfway finished, so I'm counting it.)
  7. Go paddle boarding
  8. Finish Blog Life
  9. Make plans to visit Nicola in England
  10. Stick to a blogging schedule
  11. Revamp my blog
  12. Volunteer somewhere
  13. Take a road trip
  14. Fix bike and ride (Edit: I sold it instead.)
  15. Send more letters and packages
  16. Use my DSLR more
  17. Exercise regularly (i.e. more than once a month)
  18. Contribute to Lady ATX Magazine
  19. Host Friendsgiving again
  20. Buy rollerblades
  21. Reread The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
  22. Attend local theatre productions
  23. Join a volleyball league
  24. Try one new local restaurant a month

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